On-Going Needs
A Place to Call Home
"When I came to Choices, specifically Norma's House,
I was not only homeless I was hopeless as well . . .  I was destitute and depressed.  
Choices offered me a roof over my head, but more importantly,
"It's still unreal," said a recent graduate in describing what it feels like to walk around in
the house that she purchased as she completed the program at Martie's House.  

"Ive got a table and four chairs on my back porch, and my sister brought me a plant . . .   
I can do anything!"   - Deborah
When I arrived at Norma's House, I had been living on the streets for about four years.  

Because of the services they provided - a telephone where I could receive calls, a private
room in which to rest, much-needed TARC passes, to name a few - I was able to make and
keep appointments, apply for SSI, continue the dental work I had repeatedly had to
postpone, work part-time, keep in touch housing
opportunities, and now I finally have
my own apartment.  
- Madeleine
"To walk on earth, not knowing if you truly want what life has to give you; this was the
life I led.  To know that I'm all alone was the thought I played in my head.  to walk this life
feeling as though I was dead, was the state of mind I captured.

"Changing my attitude and my actions by choosing not to use drugs, but to live by the
hand of Recovery in all my affairs, made me able to leave Norma's House with a smile on
my face and to enter a new house called Angela's House.  Change is good!"  
- Angela
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